Hotels Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is an underrated destination, but one thing it doesn’t have going for it is an abundance of hotels in the immediate vicinity.

There’s one small hotel in the town of Whites City, New Mexico, a 35-minute drive from Pine Springs Visitor Center.

After that, you have to go to Carlsbad, New Mexico (50 minutes from Pine Springs) and Van Horn, Texas (one hour from Pine Springs) to find additional hotel options.

hotels guadalupe mountains

If you’re not interested in staying at a campground or RV park, you’ll have to choose one of these towns to stay in, despite the distance. Book early, since the options are limited!

Where should you stay if you’re planning a visit? Let’s go over the best hotels near Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Map of Hotels Near Guadalupe Mountains National Park

This map shows the location of towns with hotels near the park. You can see Whites City and Carlsbad are north of Guadalupe Mountains NP, while Van Horn is south. El Paso is two hours west, a bit off the map.

hotels near guadalupe mountains national park map

These hotels can get crowded at times. There’s competition for hotels in Whites City and Carlsbad, since visitors to Carlsbad Caverns National Park also stay there. And there’s competition for hotels in Van Horn since it’s right next to the interstate.

Here are our recommendations for each town.

Hotels in Whites City, New Mexico

As of this writing, there’s only one hotel in Whites City. Choose this option if you want the absolute closest hotel.

Whites City Cavern Inn. This basic inn is the closest hotel to both Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks. It’s not luxury, but it’s affordable, it has a pool, and it gets decent reviews. Check pricing and availability here.

Hotels in Carlsbad, New Mexico

Located 50 minutes from the heart of Guadalupe Mountains NP, Carlsbad has a ton of hotel options. Here are the top options for each budget level.

Best upscale hotel: Hyatt House Carlsbad

The Hyatt House Carlsbad has most everything you could want: an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center, breakfast buffet, and pet-friendly policy. The studios and suites come with fridges, microwaves, and dishwashers. Check pricing and availability here.

hyatt house

Best mid-range hotel: Sleep Inn and Suites

This is one of the highest-rated Carlsbad hotels. It offers an indoor pool, microwaves and fridges in every room, and free parking and wifi. Check pricing and availability here.

Best budget hotel: Karbani Inn

On the more low-priced end of the scale, the Karbani Inn has rooms that are very small, but clean and affordable, with a good breakfast. Check pricing and availability here.

Hotels in Van Horn, Texas

One hour south of the park, Van Horn is a town of about 2000 people. Despite its small size, Van Horn has more than a half-dozen hotels, because its location near I-10 makes it a popular overnight spot for travelers.

van horn texas hotels

Best upscale hotel: Hotel El Capitan

The best local hotel in Van Horn, Hotel El Capitan is right in the center of town. It has an eye-catching design and upscale amenities. Check pricing and availability here.

Best budget hotel: Quality Inn

Aside from Hotel El Capitan, the other hotels in Van Horn are national discount chains. I’ve stayed at Quality Inn and found it to be affordable and comfortable enough. Check pricing and availability here.

Hotels in El Paso, Texas

El Paso is nearly two hours’ drive from Guadalupe Mountains NP, so it’s not the most ideal spot for an overnight stay.

But El Paso is the closest airport to the park. So if you’re flying in or out of there and need a hotel, consider these options.

Best upscale hotel: Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Most of the bigger hotels in El Paso are national chains. The Holiday Inn Express offers fancy suites, and it’s located in the eastern end of El Paso, meaning that it’s slightly closer to the park than other hotels here. Check pricing and availability here.

Best mid-range hotel: Soluna Hotel

Located near the airport, the Soluna Hotel has a pool and fitness center, and all rooms have free wifi, cable tv, and microwaves. Check pricing and availability here.

Best budget hotel: Red Roof Inn

The Red Roof Inn is very basic, but it’s the best of the super-affordable El Paso hotels east of the airport. It has free wifi and parking. Check pricing and availability here.

Perhaps someday if the park gets more visitors, we’ll get some additional hotels in the area. But for now, these are your best bets for good hotels near Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

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